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This seems a reasonable and acceptable response to Hetty’s “protection” of her agents after the Afghanistan mission/2nd half of S5.

3x09 Betrayal/4x13 Paper Soldiers

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Anonymous asked: hablas espanol?

Si! Hablo, escribo y leo español. El ingles lo aprendi a los seis años. :)

nice try at distracting me you adorable muppet but I’m still going to ask all the questions (◡‿◡✿)

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Jealous!Kensi (or Kensi’s that’s-my-Deeks face)


Oh my gosh, that Nallen drabble aprylynn wrote (me and Zoe) is so adorable, my cheeks hurt, I smiled thru the whole thing!!! Tomorrow I’ll babble like an idiot in the tags when I reblog it. OH MY GOSH SOOOO CUTE!!!