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Anonymous asked: Drabble: Sexually frustrated Kensi at work.


Not quite M, but there is definitely some adult language here. You’ve been cautioned. Sorry that this is a little longer than a drabble. Takes place the day of Deep Trouble pt 1/2.

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Right off the first 15 minutes, The 100 is giving me Lord of the Flies vibes. And also it’s a bit like a movie I watched in the 80s about these kids who escaped a facility where they were forced to stay based on the lie that beyond the walls there was nothing but destruction. And then the adults keeping tabs on them from the space station gives me a THG feel. Ha, sorry for those comparisons but they’re pretty blatant. Ok back to the show!

Oh nooooo!! I just realized the next hiatus drabble submission was supposed to go up today. Sorry those who read those. I needed to take my mom to the DMV and I completely forgot til just now. I’ll post it on Friday because tomorrow is my son’s birthday and who knows what he’ll want to do.